Posted by: D. M. | April 28, 2011

Santo Domingo’s Shopping Districts

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Shopping districts

Start your Santo Domingo shopping trip in Zona Colonial  , the pedestrianised shopper’s heaven along Mella street – just ignore the designer-wear price tags. You’ll find space on your credit card for great’s thrifty boutiques and even leather bargains from Santo Domingo’s Chinatown. Discover the unknown in fine’s antique and bric-a-brac stores on your Santo Domingo shopping trip or indulge your shoe fetish along Calle el Conde.

The Colonial  Zone is bordering the Ozama River, this area boasts cobblestone streets and an impressive group of buildings dating back to the 16th century. The Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo permits us to travel back through more than 500 years of history and architecture. Some colonial  palaces have been converted into fascinating museums, but many of the area’s oldest structures are now quaint bars, cafes and small hotels and restaurants. At sunset an air of enchantment and romance settles over the neighborhood, letting the day’s worries fade away.

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