Determine your Spanish Class Level

If you find yourself “in-between,” Spanish class levels the following self-diagnosis will help determine which level would most benefit you.

Have you studied Spanish for more than 2 years?
Have you spent more than 2 months living in a Spanish speaking country?
Can you communicate with native speakers on a basic level, get your point across and get the gist of what they’re saying??
Do you have an understanding of the regular and irregular verbs in the present tense, but feel unsure in the past and future tenses??
Do you understand the structure of the language, but just wish you could communicate better??
When you receive phone calls can you understand well enough to respond and make yourself understood??
Can you read and understand the story below: La cita del mas allá ??
Do you think you could summarize it in Spanish verbally??
Do you speak to people at work in Spanish on a fairly regular basis?
If you found you were right in between the two levels, would you prefer to be the “least prepared” in the group and push yourself over taking it from the beginning in order to review and be sure that you had the basics?
If you answered “yes” to over half of these questions, you belong in a Spanish Class Level II class.

If you answered “yes” to all of the questions but know you still need to improve, you belong in the Spanish Class Level III class.

If you’re still not sure, please call HP at 647.448.2052  and we’ll help place you appropriately in a Spanish Class Level.

Now, the story:


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