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La Isla Catalina or (Serena Key); Dominican Republic


Catalina Island, promoted internationally as “Serena Key”  or ( Serena Cay), is located 20 minutes from the port of La Romana. It is approximately 15 square kilometers in size. Contrary to Saona Island, there is no actual construction on the island, just white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Its most unique characteristic is that it is literally a wind-free island and its waters are always completely calm.

Catalina Island is the perfect destination to get away from the bustle of the city and just have a day of relaxing sunbathing in a calm beach. The entire island is a protected environment, so very few edifications exist on island. Also known as Serena Key to some cruise ships, the never-ending beaches will leave you in awe. With barely 15sq km, this tiny island is surrounded with some of the best reefs for scuba diving. When booking a tour, ask them about the snorkeling options!

Catalina Island, was discovered by Cristobal Colon, who named her in honor of Saint Catalina, also known as Serena Key, it’s  the second biggest island off the southeast coast of the Dominican Republic. A precious island of white sandy beaches, without modern buildings or hotels because it’s under government protection. All the island is made of coral and surrounded by mangroves and reefs wich create natural pools protected from the ocean.

Escape from Santo Domingo or La Romana, heading east and eventually arriving at Catalina Island. You will forget your troubles with one look at the pristine beaches and calm waters. Next time you’re planning your trip to Dominican Republic, make sure to include Catalina Island as a day trip!
Catalina Island it’ s one of the best places to go scuba diving in the Dominican Republic, best known for “The Wall” wich descends more than 100m and the spectacular “Aquarium” where you will have the opportunity to observe the famous “Lion Fish” and “Sea Horses”, many other species and mountains of coral reefs. Without a doubt the best diving point in the south coast of the Dominican Republic, diving lovers can’t miss out on.

Come and visit it’s romantic! And, it’s the fastest-growing destination in the Caribbean because of the low prices and beautiful terrain!

La Isla Catalina o Serena Key como la llaman las líneas de cruceros en sus programas, es una preciosa isla de arena blanca cercana a la costa sureste de la República Dominicana.

De aproximadamente 9 km2, la isla está actualmente dentro del Sistema Nacional de Areas Protegidas de la república  desde el 18 de agosto del 2000, en la categoría de Monumento Natural . Incluye la isla Catalina y la franja marina que la rodea, que se extiende desde la línea de costa hasta 500 metros mar adentro. Encerrando un área de 22 kms.²

Está separada de tierra firme por un canal a una distancia de 7,500 mts. Con profundidad variable de hasta 50 mts .

La Isla Catalina tiene tres puntas, Punta Berro al sur, Punta Blandino al norte, y Punta Pérez al suroeste, con dos hermosas playas de blancas arenas que ocupan más de dos terceras parte de su litoral, una al este y otra al suroeste. Tiene costas rocosas muy singulares, las cuales bordean su parte meridional, formando impresionantes farallones en algunos casos y acantilados en otros.


  1. any international airport here??

    • Yes, cloests one is on La Romana.
      Off La Romana Province is the Monumento Natural Isla Catalina (also called Serena Cay). Although inland the southeast part of the island’s geography is dry, flat and monotonous, the beaches have fine white sand. The reef provides protected bathing and excellent diving. Tours for US$30-68 including lunch, supper and drinks. Cruise ships also call, disgorging some 100,000 passengers in a winter season. The island is under the permanent supervision of the Dominican Navy and the Ministry of Tourism. All works that may affect the vegetation have been prohibited.

  2. I’m trying to find hotels there and not being very successful. any help?

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