Cafe Conversation – The most original Spanish Course in Toronto

Enjoy 2 hours of Spanish conversation practice in an informal environment at the café

Cafe Conversation is a Spanish conversation group that meets every Sunday (and sometimes in midweek) between 3pm and 5pm in a cafe in central Toronto.

This will be an opportunity for Spanish learners of all levels to practise their Spansh and have a native speaker correct their mistakes and help improve your Spanish language skills.

The course is 100% in Spanish! There is NO English at the course. This is NOT a language exchange meetup

At the course you will speak Spanish and only Spanish (if you are looking for a English/Spanish language exchange in Toronto you can find many elsewhere on the internet).

This group is for non-native Spanish speakers learning Spanish.

The cafe that we use will change regularly (suggestions welcome).

The group will be lead by a group leader (an animator/animatrice) who is a native Spanish speaker. Places are limited! We want to keep the group small so everyone has a chance to speak.

Although this should be an enjoyable event we take learning Spanish seriously so you might want to bring a pen and some paper to make notes and a dictionary.

You need to reserve your place. I will send you the location of the event.

Our pricing policy is to encourage people to come regularly so you can save up to 50% buy buying a carnet.

The prices are as follows

MEMBERSHIP FEES (effective September 5, 2012)  YOUR FIRST TIME IS FREE!

One-Time, $20 CDN

  • 10-Session Card, $75 (valid 3 months)
  • 20-Session Card, $145 (valid 6 months)
  • 6-Month Membership $185 . Checks and credit cards not accepted.

This is the link for advance bookings and payment at the  booking form

*If a group is cancelled for holidays or any other reason we will extend the validity of the tickets.

  • Specialty Spanish Language Courses from $4.99/Hour

How To Participate          

If you would like to participate simply send an email to  hineniois_inquiries (at) mail (dot) com  or call 647.448. 2052  (We speak, French, English and Spanish)  


A recent Cafe Conversation Spanish group meet up in Toronto

Contact us     


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