Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | April 13, 2011

Shopping Destinations to Love – Dominican Republic

Do you consider shopping fun? Whether you have post-wedding cash to spend, simply enjoy browsing, or want a getaway most specially females will love,  yeah it’s called shopping trip….that’s include time to shop on vacation.

Dominican Republic is the Caribbean’s best shopping spot destinations in  itself.   It remind us what we miss when shopping online: Personal service, the ability to feel and try on garments before buying, serendipitous unadvertised sales. Since you can’t spend all your vacation time shopping, each place below is near a great place in DR to visit.

Santo domingo, the Capital city

Compared with US,  Santo Domingo city is incredibly cheap for shopping. There are bargains for lots of different types of goods.   The combination of bargains, cheap accommodation, cheap places to eat and great countryside and historic places to visit all contribute to a fantastic holiday in Santo Domingo city.
A trip to this city for a little holiday shopping is traditional for many families. It fits between the Thanksgiving turkey and the official Christmas party.  Where lese  they can get “trade-only” discounts on everything from the best designs by top name manufacturers to unique creations made by artisans and craftspeople from all over the nation.

Sometimes, the intent is to search for holiday bargains. For others, it’s a chance to make that big splurge while considering as many varieties and prices as possible. A few go in search of major shopping. Most of us: merely a larger selection of malls or storefronts.

Santiago. Central area

El Cibao as it’s well known imports many of its products but manages to negotiate good deals which in turn is reflected in the price to the consumer.

On a custom-tailored shopping trip, clients will visit Santiago and areas’s designer furniture, fabrics, lamps, mirrors, lighting, etc. Furniture galleries and specialized showrooms to find the perfect pieces for their home, garden or vacation home,”. “Great Finds creates a personalized itinerary that is tailored to each client’s individual tastes, budget and needs.

Puerto Plata,  North  area

There are lots of bargains in January and outside the main holiday season.

Puerto Plata, the shopping paradise in the Caribbean, invites all kinds of people to its lap with varieties of shopping options. Best bargaining and the duty and tax free sale make Puerto Plata shopping the best leisure and profitable activity. This is the province where you can get the best Amber   in the world wide world

La Romana. East area

This traditional market sells all types of commodities, but the enthusiastic shoppers shop for  Ambar,  Larimar and gold here. You can go through many little shops to view the amazing fabrics, fashions and ornaments, the vintage  styles to the most modern state of the art designs in Ambar, Larimar, gold, silver and other jewelries. Some people are travelling to la Romana just for shopping. If you would like to organize yourself Romana shopping trip, you should look for some properties for rent. It could be more cheaper solution than staying in a hotel.

Now let us see what the important Dominican Republic shopping tips are when one should keep in mind while exploring Dominican Republic shops and  malls.

Make a list of items to be purchased. This list is very essential since when you see the amazing products displayed in Dominican shops, you will be tempted to buy it. This can lead to thinning of your wallet even before you buy the items you want necessarily.

Make a table of the expected prices of the items. You can get these details from your knowledge, or from searching on certain dominican internet online shops. This will help you a lot while bargaining the prices in the Dominican stores.

Check the possibility of bargaining in the shops, markets, etc. Bargaining is allowed, make sure that you would be bargaining as much as possible.

You have to make sure that the merchandises you buy from the Dominican stores and shopping malls are of high quality and come from original brands. There are no doubts that majority of items in the Dominican shops are genuine. But it is your duty to see that you get quality items.

Visit the  Ambar   Museum and only buy it along  Larimar from acredited shops.


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