Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | February 15, 2011

Nigua Ecological Park, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Nigua Ecological Park, at only minutes from Santo Domingo, boats  “Laguna Azul” and “Laguna Dulce” in the St. Louis area and the recently rescued beach located at the Monument Fray Antón de Montesinos, thanks to the preservation and rescue program conducted by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, are today alternative places where families can spend a good time, play sports and enjoy of nature in a safe and secure environment.
Protected areas, ecological parks and wetlands that are part of the natural attractions surrounding the city of Santo Domingo, which offers vacationers an alternative space for healthy recreation for families.

These areas surround the city and are a natural refuge for hundreds of species of birds and plants. They welcome enthusiasts vacationers who camo there to keep in touch with nature, relax and have fun with their families.
These protected areas, many of which are part of the “Green Belt of Santo Domingo”, are constantly watched by soldiers belonging to the National Environment Service and by the villagers themselves, especially women, who are part of the brigades of reforestation and cleaning.

In addition to the family atmosphere that people can find by visiting these areas, various sporting activities can be practised, such as regattas, bicycle, fishing, canoeing competition and rally.

The Ministry of Environment, as part of its strategy to rescue areas are home to wildlife, flora and fauna, set up the necessary mechanisms for their sustainability, as the educational programs, which tend to recognition, conservation and proper use of natural heritage and integrating society into to preservation program.

Today, these are refreshing, full of life areas, and also a refuge for dozens of endangered species.

Residents of the area that surrounds Santo Domingo East see this place as a true miracle, like a green paradise, where trees as “javilla”, wild jasmine and mahogany surround miles of suitable trails for eco-adventure and greats to observe the beautiful birds that nest there.

Also the National Park Wetlands Ozama, with 47 square kilometers, is one of the most attractive natural sights in the city of Santo Domingo. Visitors have access to wetlands through Bayaguana, Monte Plata, La Victoria and San Luis roads. Also Paraíso del Caribe, Valle Encantado, and Palacio de Engombe in Manoguayabo. Also in Los Alcarrizos, Pantoja, Los Guarícanos, Villa Mella, La Isabela, El Cachón de la Rubia, Laguna Dulce, San Luis, San Isidro, La Victoria, La Caleta, Los Tres Ojos, among others.

 These are alternative spaces for healthy recreation for families.  Come and enjoy!!!


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