Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | February 28, 2011

7 Tips for Business Travel to Dominican Republic

Planning your first business trip to Dominican Republic ? Here a 7 travel tips to help make your trip go more smoothly.
1) Bring an unlocked mobile phone

You’re going to need a mobile phone while in DR, and a local telephone number. Bring an unlocked phone with you, then purchase a SIM card at DR Mobile. For 100RMB (about US$10) you can get the SIM card and 50 minutes of prepaid talk time. Later you can recharge the phone with more minutes by purchasing a recharge card at a local mini-mart or convenience store. ( colmado)

Booths located in the baggage claim area at any dominican airport and street vendors sells SIM cards.

Only at Punta Cana airport , there is a vending machine that sells disposable mobile phones with prepaid minutes.
2) Take taxis everywhere

Dominican taxis are, safe, cheap and efficient.  If you know Spanish, take them everywhere. You will rarely pay more than the equivalent of US$2 to get from meeting to meeting in major cities in DR.

Of course, if money is no object, you may prefer to hire a private driver.
3) Use Apolo Taxi to get around the city, very reliable.

Apolo ( is a useful and inexpensive service for your mobile phone. I use it to get Spanish language directions that I show to taxi drivers.
4) Program Skype into your phone, in DR

Use Skype or this program . You’ll see this number advertised in many taxis. Sometimes I call this number for interpretation assistance when trying to communicate with a taxi driver. But they will also give you all kinds of help and advice. You could even ask them where to go for pizza in your neighborhood.
5) Check out Debbie’s

Debbie’s ( is the DR equivalent of Expedia. It’s one of the best resorts for search and booking hotels in DR. Their prices are competitive and the service is reliable. You can even receive immediate booking confirmation by text message to your mobile phone.
6) Know that some hotels cater to the domestic market, not foreigners

For some business people, it’s much more convenient to stay in a name-brand hotel that caters to foreigners such as a Hilton, Hyatt or Marriott. Staff at hotels like these, including those who work in the business center, will speak English.

Staying at a hotel that caters to domestic DR tourists can be frustrating and disorienting since they may not have prepared English-speaking staff or English television channels. However, these hotels are often cheaper.

So how do you identify whether a hotel caters to the Canadian, North America or domestic market? Check Tripadvisor ( also. DR boutique-style hotels usually have lots of DR reviews from frecuent visitors and few reviews from Tripadvisor members.
7) Treat yourself to a tailor-made suit

DR tailors are top-notch and their custom-made business suits are inexpensive. One good, inexpensive Santo Domingo tailor in the Colonial Zone in the Historic side of the Capital.  Expect to pay about 900-1000 (US$25) for a 2-piece suit or about $2,000 (US$15) for a shirt.


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