Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | February 12, 2011

Haitises National Park , Samana, Dominican Republic

SAMANÁ .- Haitises National Park is located in the Bay of Samana, Dominican Republic. This park is another of the island’s protected areas. This area was declared a park on June 3, 1976 . Haitises is characterized by a set of mountains, hills and valleys. This set is rocky and sandy hills. Part of this place precious mangroves, rivers and rich flora.

The mood in the Haitises National Park is the rainforest. Here there are several caves with an immense historical value because in these caves are stamped the pictographs made by the aborigines of the island, “Taino” which also comes from the word haitises or land of mountains.

The National Park offers unparalleled views paradise as apart of mangroves and rocky hills, the location is near the coast so it is possible to appreciate a beautiful view of the bay.

Ecotourism adventure is lived to the fullest in the National Park Haitises, where you can enjoy various activities, like taking a tour boats that travel among the mangroves.

The haitises, a place where you can enjoy a splendid view which includes plants, rivers, swamps and mountains. Definitely a place to enjoy the wonderful experience of being in communion with the living nature. By the Haitises be reached from the city of Samana and from Sabana de la Mar, where boats are taken which make the transfer to the park.

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