Specially selected by me
To help you choose the best immersion program possible, I personally contacted these organisations, and checked their services, flexibility and reliability.

All of them speak English, have been teaching Spanish as a second language for years and have developed their unique method that focuses on the student’s individual need. They are passionate about their region which they know inside out and will accompany you through many daily activities such as sightseeing, hikes in nature, cooking classes, wine tastings… They will arrange for your accommodation in a nice furnished apartment or B&B (perfect for couples, families or friends traveling together), or will open their house to you, providing lunch and dinners (a great and secure solution for people traveling alone or younger students).

Make sure you mention you are coming from Hispaniola Pathways, and they will even have a special gift for you 🙂

Home-stays & Immersion Programs in Dominican Republic:

Spending time in DR in total immersion in Spanish is certainly the best, fastest, most fun way to improve your Spanish. Many adults however don’t feel like going in a school full of teenagers, with set programs that may not answer their needs. Host families don’t offer the comfort most adults would like to have when taking a vacation for themselves, or with their spouse and family… Furthermore, organizing a trip abroad is a lot of work, and the perspective of being alone in a foreign place is often intimidating.

1.  Spanish Immersion Learning Trips

3.  Health or Medical Trips

Dominican Republic  is touted as a tropical paradise that any traveler would fall in love with. Its scenic beaches, diverse marine and wildlife, and breathtaking natural resources offer not only excitement but also respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

In recent years, Dominican Republica has added one more reason to its long list of why you should visit the country. If you’re looking for quality medical attention and support, you might want to consider Dominican Republic as this is now one of the world’s favorite medical tourism destinations.  Read  more here

4.  Buying or Source Trips

We also carry a wide variety of  items from Dominican Republic  and over a dozen Latin American countries including folk art, housewares, textiles, hand-blown glass, outdoor pottery, furniture. HP Trade division  also helps foreign firms to locate suitable business partners and suppliers in the Dominican Republic.

If you are interested in joining us on our next Buying and Sourcing Trip to DR, you may



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