Family Homestays

Learning with homestays

The aim of the immersion courses is to improve the ability to communicate in Spanish during a short intensive time. In a Spanish Context in the hands of keen facilitators with a high level of both languages. We combine group classes and workshops with individual tutorials.

•Individual Tutorial always focus on the needs and specific objectives of each participant.

•The Topic Based Classes take place in a classroom or lounge and are intended to tackle the learner specific focus and objectives. The following are a few of the possible themes of these Topic Based Classes: Vocabulary, Grammar, Topic based conversations, cultural diversity, presentations, pronunciation, comprehension and listening .

Family Homestays:

In order to obtain the most benefits   from our Integrated Language Learning , we urge you to stay with local families selected by our division  for their willingness to welcome students into their homes.

With such families, you will be provided with a clean, private room and three delightful home-cooked meals daily. Safe water for drinking, warm water for bathing, clean sheets and bath towels will also be provided. Any special dietary needs–including vegetarian diets–will be met. This is an excellent opportunity to practice Spanish and experience the local culture firsthand. All host families are experienced in providing an invaluable source of both city orientation and conversation for students as well as an insiders view of customs and traditions.

Information about your family including name, address, and telephone number will be available prior to your departure (approximately one week prior). We recommend you bring a small gift which is representative of your country or  province  for your host family to enjoy.

Our housing personnel maintains an extensive list of carefully selected host families, and choose the host family that will be the best match for each student—not only in physical accommodations, but also taking into consideration a student’s interests and preferences. We know what students want from a homestay experience, and can match students with the ideal host family arrangement.

Host families provide HP with the valuable service of airport pickup. HP  provides each family with a welcome sign which has HP logo and the name of the student.

Transportation between host families’ homes and HP is handled in various manners depending on the host family and the location of their home as well as the preference of the student.

•Host families provide transportation

•Home is in walking distance

•Pick-up & drop-off in private HP vehicle

•or, student takes a short public bus ride.

In the case that the student will walk or take a public bus to and from HP, the host family will accompany the student on his/her first day.



We recommends the purchase of travel insurance to all our customers. To compare insurance options and to get an instant quote, please  click here!


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