Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | December 21, 2012

Spanish Conversational Language Classes

This course aims to improve your conversation and speaking skills. It builds your confidence by providing opportunities to discuss, debate and exchange ideas, through communicative activities and tasks.   During the classes you will develop oral communication skills in a number of different areas including daily lives and the work place. The course will focus on improving fluency, and will also incorporate the vocabulary and functional language that you need to become a ‘natural Spanish’ speaker.

The classes are one academic hour long and can be taken in addition to the core 15 hour courses.   The course will cover a number of areas:

 ■Functional language used in everyday situations

■Vocabulary specific to particular topics and contexts

■Using conversational devices such as fillers and sentences markers

■Building confidence with both speaking and listening

■Improving the communication in terms of message and meaning

■Developing fluency and clarity of speech.

■Pronunciation work  

    By the end of the course you will be able to:  

■Converse with greater confidence and ability

■Recognise and use different conversational devices

■Use functional language in a variety of contexts.

■Communicate orally with greater success.

■Understand and improve some of your own pronunciation issues.

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