Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | October 31, 2012

Learn Spanish outside of classroom

Approaches to Learning Outside the Classroom

Two common approaches are (i) Field Teaching and (ii) Field Research.

Field Teaching

•Study of topic or theme in class. Teacher talk, textbook study, note taking, slide viewing, videos, etc.

•Field observations (often teacher directed). Recording of information in the field. Some field interpretation.

•Back in the classroom – further interpretation and explanation together – writing up field report.

Field Research

•Identification of a problem as the result of direct observations; or from class work; or from special interests of students.

•Formulation of an hypothesis as a result of reading, discussion, thinking.

•Field activities to collect data to test hypothesis.

•Data analysis – processing information.

•Hypothesis testing – accept or reject.

•Discussing and writing up of possible ways to solve the originally identified problem using information gathered in the field.

I alsoI prefer the Michel Thomas as you are involved as part of the class and you can laugh at Michel Thomas constantly correcting a fellow student!

Spanish with Michel Thomas–Complete Course 8 CD S

Spanish Immersion Trips


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