Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | October 19, 2012

Take a mini- Language Vacation

Take a mini-Vacation – in Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep!

Whether you’re planning to travel to Dominican Republic in the near future or simply crave a short-term immersion in Spanish language and culture, Hispaniola! can craft a custom mini-course for you and your travel group most any month of the year. Stay at one of the lovely inns or hotels in the area, enjoy some amazing restaurants and cultural sites and let  HP! teach you some Spanish language and a bit of the culture, too.

Weekend courses can be crafted to fit your needs and goals, but our menu of topics includes:

 •Spanish for Travelers “(designer) Boot Camp”: basics of greetings, pronunciation, restaurant ordering, shopping, etc.

 •“Dominican Twenty Times”: an introduction to the many regions of DR geared towards helping you plan your next trip

 •Insider Travel Tips: what to know and what to avoid while traveling in Italy (can be customized to fit your itinerary)  

•Rum, cheese and gelato tasting lessons

 •A tasting tour of the Main Street Market Modelo including Feast! (cheese, charcuterie) and Gearhart’s Chocolate.

 •An Spanish Dominican  Music workshop  

We can offer the same type of mini-vacation focusing on Nicaragua, and  other  Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America (LA), too!


Anni is the owner of  How to speak Spanish  where she teaches others to learn the Spanish Language. Her blog, is dedicated to teaching Spanish to others speakers. For more information on easy ways to learn Spanish, go to Spanish Review


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