Posted by: D. M. | October 10, 2012

Dominican Annual Tourism Forum

SANTO DOMINGO. – The Dominican Tourism Competitiveness Consortium (CDCT) will stage the Dominican Annual Tourism Forum (FODATUR) October 31 to November 1 in the hotel Dominican Fiesta, sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), through the Sustainable Tourism Empowerment Program.
Twelve prominent local and foreign experts will depict success stories and best practices for the effective management and development of destinations, stressing phases of development, promotion and continuous monitoring of management.
The event will also stress the role of public-private partnerships in the development of tourism destinations.
FODATUR’s agenda includes topics on improving tourism infrastructure, human resources, and destination promotion.
In a statement, CDCT president Rafael Blanco Tejera said the goal is to create a space for consensus among the public and private sectors, clusters, communities and for all those related to the Dominican tourism to delve into the issues, and find common solutions for the entire industry.
As an essential part of the event, attendees will be divided into working groups per tourist destination and a national group that will address the cross-cutting themes that represent the macro needs. Among the topics to be discussed are attributes of destinations, effective institutional structures for the management of destinations, infrastructure and public services, and accessibility of destinations,” the CDCT said in a statement.
FODATUR 2012 is sponsored by the National Competitiveness Council, the Dominican Republic Tour Operators Association (OPETUR), the Dominican Municipal League, Banco Popular, among numerous other institutions.

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