Posted by: D. M. | October 5, 2012

The Jarabacoa Flower Festival

Jarabacoa, in the mountains of La Vega province, celebrates its Flower Festival for the long weekend of 21 September to 24 September. Most of the activities are centered at the Central Park of Jarabacoa town, where dozens of stands will present the different varieties of flowers cultivated in Jarabacoa and Constanza, half an hour away. There will be horse-riding displays, arts and crafts fairs, exhibitions by Jarabacoa’s landscape painters, live music performances and much more. The Flower Growers association of La Palma in Constanza is sponsoring a poetry recital enhancing nature, and games for children.

In the heart of the Cordillera Central mountains, often referred to as the “Dominican Alps,” is the town of Jarabacoa, whose name is the Taíno word for “place of abundant waters.” Its abundance is seen not only in the fertility of its land, but also in what it has to offer visitors.

Jarabacoa has long been a popular spot for Dominicans as a summer getaway from their life in the city and the muggy heat of the coastal lowlands. The 500 meters above sea level impart constant spring-like mild days and cool evenings. Foreign visitors come because Jarabacoa presents promises of adventure.
The Jarabacoa Flower Festival, a weekend long exhibit which concluded on Sunday.
The mountain city’s exhuberant beauty and tourist attractions were showcased for the hundreds of visitors and locals who attend the yearly event to display its flowers and thriving floral industry.

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