Posted by: D. M. | September 30, 2012

How to Improve Your Spoken Spanish

Speaking the Spanish language is easy for native people in English-speaking countries. But what about those who came from other countries who are not well-versed in this global language? If you are one of them, it can be quite a challenge to learn the rules to improve your spoken Spanish. But it is always possible. Here’s how:


Study the Spanish language. There are certain rules in grammar and sentence construction that you have to be familiar with. Written and spoken language in Spanish has similarities and differences. Learn the pronunciation rules and accent tips. There are hundreds of books and online resources about the subject so a little research on your part is necessary to your success.


Be attentive how Spanish-speaking people hold conversations. Listen to the words they use, the intonation, how they express their thoughts through the language, and the common expressions they make. Keep a small notebook with you and write down words and phrases you heard so you can recall them and practice speaking them later.

Enroll in an Spanish class. You can find Spanish as a Second Language (SSL) classes at some community organizations and local schools. These classes might be free, or you might have to pay but it will help you improve your Spanish skills better.


Watch news programs, talk shows, and movies in Spanish. The more you immerse yourself in them, the more you will familiarize yourself with the language and expressions used. It makes it easier for you to learn better and polish your Spanish speaking skills.


Listen to radio and audio books in Spanish. Pick your favorite station or audio book and listen to it when you have free time. Listen to something you enjoy. It will be easier to absorb what you are listening while at the same time recall the pronunciation and intonation better.


Visualize speaking good Spanish and make it happen. Construct Spanish sentences in your mind and practice speaking them silently at first, then orally. The best place to do this is in front of the mirror. Listen to how you say the words and correct yourself for any mistakes. Having someone with you who knows Spanish language well is even helpful since you will receive feedback right away and steer you in the right direction.


Practice speaking Spanish everyday. Talk to someone in Spanish. Look for Spanish-speaking people who will give you a conversation practice.


Keep learning. Depending on the difficulties you encountered, always remember that practice makes perfect. Improving your spoken Spanish takes time but with diligence and patience, you will get better and will one day speak Spanish fluently and without much effort!



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