Posted by: D. M. | August 28, 2012

Online Spanish Language Conversation Classes

Try  our new online conversation classes

– If you’re too busy to attend a regular course – If you’re looking for a perfect complement to your face-to-face lessons – If you like to find out the full potential of   online language learning.

Sit down and start chatting with your Spanish  tutor. You won’t need much: a broadband and a headset. The on line setting  actually helps you focus on the language, being a very effective way of learning…but a webcam can be used if you want to! Remember, this course is mostly about conversation, but if you like a more traditional lesson  just ask! It can be done.

– chat and  e-blackboard available for any emergency – At the end of the lesson you’ll be sent tailored materials to help you with your recurring speaking mistakes – Also, if you have any request for materials, do not hesitate to ask. It is free and anything will be emailed in 24h.

Online CONVERSATION classes (50minutes)

  • 1  lesson  : $15
  • 10 lessons : $ 110

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