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How To Learn Spanish Quickly And Cheaply

How To Learn Spanish  Quickly And Cheaply

Like most studying, when it comes to learning Spanish, there are two types of people and they suit two different ways of solving the problem. There are people that do not have the time to spend but are prepared to spend money and those that have the time to spend but not the money.

Someone with plenty of money is happy to spend this money on reaching a good level of  Spanish (and they probably realize that they will make the money back with improved job prospects or increases in pay). A person with plenty of time will use this spare time but avoid spending money on becoming fluent. Both methods work and have their benefits and disadvantages.

For instance, someone that is prepared to spend a bit of money on learning Spanish may fly to any Spanish country  and take part in an intensive, immersion type course for a month or even longer. The immersion method is generally accepted to be the most effective way to learn a foreign language. The most obvious benefit of the immersion method for learning a language is that you are living and learning in the country where the language is spoken natively.

So you are exposed to it 24/7. Although this is not strictly true as you might do some sleeping during that time, but you know what I mean. You will get to hear Spanish and interact with native Spanish speaking people in natural setting like in shops or in day to day activities where you can put all the theory you have learned into practice. This can certainly increase your language skills and get you to a level of Spanish fluency or good conversational Spanish in no time at all. But of course this is expensive and not many people can justify this expense.

For these people the better option is to use other methods that may require more time but not spend money on an immersion course. There is nothing wrong with this method and you can become fluent over time.

Typically, you would buy a home study course or attend night classes. In effect, you would be learning Spanish in between the other activities of your daily life.

If you go for a home study Spanish course, comprising of some audios or a software package, then you would probably use it in between your responsibilities at work or spending time with your partner. Of course this method would be cheaper than going to Spain or another Spanish speaking country and taking a course but it would also take a bit more time to get the adequate Spanish language skills to become fluent.

So how do you combine the two ? How do you learn efficiently without the huge outlay in money at the same time ? This is a tough problem but the solution is to bring the immersion method to you.

You may live in the middle of nowhere, where you seldom see anyone, never mind a person who speaks Spanish so how can you immerse yourself in Spanish  in this situation.

This is where audio-visual material like books,  DVDs, TV, radio, and most importanlty the internet come into the equation. Dive into the language by listening to Spanish music and watching Spanish TV programs or films as much as possible. Take advantage of the internet to help you learn Spanish fast. Go to all the video sharing websites like youtube to find Spanish language videos. You can pretty much find anything that you would need to learn a bit of Spanish, like interviews, documentaries and even language courses. Some may even have subtitles in English.

You may also think about interacting with other people by using the online forums and chatrooms. Look into podcasts that feature Spanish language courses. Look at other authority websites that have Spanish courses that can be downloaded for minimal costs.  A recent innovation in language teaching thanks to the internet and voip communications is getting one on one lessons with a professional Spanish  teacher from the comfort of your lounge room. Whilst this is potentially expensive, you can do it from you front room and it is a lot cheaper than flying to any Spanish country if you can’t at the moment.

Devote as much time as possible to listening, learning and speaking Spanish. Devote a whole day or a weekend to this task. Weekends are best because you have less commitments and more free time. Turn your home into a little part of Spanish each weekend and you will notice how your skills in Spanish improve at a good rate.

M. Diaz is the owner of  How to speak Spanish  where she teaches others to learn the Spanish Language. Her blog, is dedicated to teaching Spanish to others speakers. For more information on easy ways to learn Spanish, go to Spanish Review 

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