Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | March 28, 2012

Medical Tourism and Wellness Trips to the Dominican Republic

In recent years, Dominican Republic has added one more reason to its long list of why you should visit the country. If you’re looking for quality medical attention and support, you might want to consider Dominican Republic as this is now one of the world’s favorite medical tourism destinations.

Medical tourism in  the Dominican Republic

The overseas medical tourism industry is booming and there are no signs of letting up. In 2009 alone, more than one million  foreigners  flew overseas to seek medical care and experts believe the number will go up three times by 2014.

Here are just some of the services that medical tourism companies provide:

■Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery
■Alternative medicine
■Weight-loss surgery
■Drug and alcohol treatment
■Ophthalmological procedures
■Treatment for chronic diseases
■Eye/Lasik care
■Anti-aging consultations and treatments
■Skin care treatments and consultations
■Detox packages
■Yoga retreats
■Fertility and gynecological treatments

Why Dominican Republic ?

Dominican Republic has become a favorite destination for medical care because of its topnotch medical personnel, state-of-the art equipment and, of course, more affordable medical costs.

Three hospitals located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic have been accredited by the Joint Commission International. JCI is a US-based not-for-profit organization that evaluates and accredits healthcare organizations, ensuring that these organizations are providing safe and effective care.

The cost of medical support in Dominican Republic is much lower than in Canada or the United States.  A heart bypass surgery would cost US$144,000 in the US. In Dominican Republic, the same procedure would only cost around US$20,000. A hip replacement surgery would cost about US$43,000 in the US while Dominican Republic’s rate would be 70 to 80 percent lower.    In general, one can assume the cost of surgery in Dominican Republic is around 1/3 of that in Canada or the U.S.

Wellness trips

In Dominican Republic, patients not only have access to world-class medical services, they also have the chance to have a grand vacation through the country’s wellness tourism trips.

There are plenty of wellness retreats that patients and their families can enjoy and find benefit from. These trips may consist of yoga and meditation classes, detoxification and cleansing retreats, and a whole gamut of spa and massage services.

Other resorts also offer exotic packages that include tantric sex workshops, creative writing classes, fire dancing lessons, etc. These are combined with luxurious and tranquil accommodations and complemented with access to amenities like swimming pools, infrared saunas, and more.

These packages are available all year-round and patients can choose something that suits their needs and preferences.

The combination of high-quality and world-class healthcare services plus luxurious and relaxing wellness trips make Dominican Republic truly a favorite destination. Patients are guaranteed to have access to medical support and their families can also have a great vacation. Dominican Republic is indeed a paradise definitely worth going to


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