Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | March 6, 2012

Reasons to Learn Spanish Language

Who wants to learn Spanish? There are many reasons why most people should. For one, Spanish is considered the first language in 22 other countries including: Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Columbia, Cuba, Bolivia, Honduras, Panama, Chile, Argentina and Peru. It’s also is the official language on many Caribbean islands (Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico). Second ? Spanish has become  an extremely popular language in the United States, spoken by over 28 million people. In fact, it’s the second most common language in the American Continent.

 In fact, there are at least eight key situations where knowing Spanish will give you an advantage. How many of these Spanish-language opportunities are you prepared for? 

1. Connect When Traveling Abroad  If you plan to travel, you’ll be prepared to take the world by storm, just by learning Spanish! When traveling to Spanish-speaking countries, being able to use key phrases in Spanish can greatly enhance the quality of your trip. If you learn conversational Spanish, you can read menus, talk with locals and enjoy the country’s culture outside of the English-speaking tourist attractions. Knowing how to ask local residents about the nearest restroom locations or directions to your hotel is invaluable. If you’re traveling for business, knowing some key phrases is essential. 

2. Optimize Your Career Forecast With so many Spanish-speaking people living in America, businesses need employees who can communicate with their clients effectively. There are many job opportunities for people who learn Spanish that aren’t available to others; learning Spanish can give you an edge in the job market or help you further your career, and it looks great on your resume. 

3. Master the Language of Love Singles can significantly expand their dating pool when they learn conversational Spanish. One’s perfect mate might be a Spanish-speaking person- so to be unable to communicate with them or even ask their name would be a huge loss for both parties. 

4. Get the Jump on Higher Education When you learn Spanish early, you have a head start on college requirements for foreign language credits. It’s easier to learn Spanish than to learn French or many other languages. 

5. Ditch the Movie Subtitles When you learn Spanish, you can better appreciate related cultural art and media. Movies, books and other media often lose value when translated to English. Speaking the native language gives you an understanding that more accurately reflects what the Spanish-speaking artist wanted to convey. 

6. Bolster the Brain Learning a new language develops and sharpens intellectual skills at any age. Choosing to learn Spanish shows that you’ve invested in your mind. Studies have shown that children who learn Spanish have greater academic success. Those who’re concerned about losing cognitive or memory skills with age can also benefit. Studies have suggested that when seniors learn conversational Spanish and other languages, they can delay the onset of memory loss due to Alzheimer’s disease. 

7. Make a Real Difference Learning to speak Spanish enables you to make a difference in the lives of others. Whether you want to participate in a missionary group or an outreach program for Spanish-speaking youth, being able to communicate well in Spanish will be a requirement for your success. 

8. Help Save Lives Since Spanish is a common language in many areas of Latin America, it’s possible for anyone to end up in an emergency medical situation or accident where an English speaker isn’t available. If you learn conversational Spanish, you’ll be able to communicate details and medical facts easily. If you live in an area where it’s a particularly common language, choosing to learn conversational Spanish might just save your life. 

An Easy Way to Learn Conversational Spanish Most of the Spanish courses will teach you lots of vocabulary and some grammar rules. However, most people find that when they completed the course, they’re still not able to actually speak much Spanish! 

M. Diaz is the owner of  How to speak Spanish  where she teaches others to learn the Spanish Language. Her blog, is dedicated to teaching Spanish to others speakers. For more information on easy ways to learn Spanish, go to Spanish Review 

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