Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | February 10, 2012

Learning Vacations in Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Language Learning Vacations

It’s easy to find literature about the rewards of learning a Foreign language. However, for most people who are attempt it, learning a new language can be quite frustrating. Self-teaching courses can be helpful, especially for adults who have other demands on their time, but most of these leave learners short of their ultimate goal of being able to communicate proficiently and confidently in a foreign language.

Self-study usually gives you the basics. You can ask where the bathroom is, order food, and ask locals about their families. When the time comes for a deeper conversation, the language again becomes foreign to you and you are, literally, at a loss for words.

Enter the ultimate option: immersion classes. Sure, you’d learn a few phrases and get a little more comfortable by simply traveling with a phrasebook or self-teaching language book by your side, but why not go all out? Immersion schools offer you the experience of going through your daily activities using nothing but the language you are trying to learn. Most schools are located in a country where the language is spoken. You are provided with instruction that is more tailored at in-depth than what you’d find in a book. And you have the chance to use it in a real setting almost immediately.

Many immersion schools offer language learning in conjunction with more traditional tourist activities. So, whether you are a wannabe polyglot or simply someone who wants to overcome the details that are making a foreign language difficult to learn, consider an immersion class like this one in Dominican Republic.


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