Posted by: D. M. | January 24, 2012

Spanish Immersion / Group Travel



Group Travel Dominican Republic is very popular for students and language learners.  Most of the time these language learners are students but they most certainly do not have to be.  If you are in High School and are studying Dominican Republic, visiting DR makes everything you have learned about at home come alive.

Students have several options when planning their trip to Dominican Republic.  Your group can:

1. Go with a large company and tour the country as tourists on a scheduled tour.

2. Contact a group travel organizer* and plan your own tour through Dominican Republic  staying at youth hostels along the way.

3. Go with a large company that places students in home-stays and stay with a Dominican Republic family for about a 2 weeks or one month.

4. Work with your language instructor or group travel organizer* to set up an exchange.  You would get a host school in Dominican Republic to host your group in home-stay situations from 2 weeks to one month.  

Each option has its positives and negatives.  Your group needs to decide together which option is best for your entire group.

Voluntourism Student Based

Join us in Dominican Republic – a land of mountainous to gently rolling, with fertile river valleys  and beaches – to volunteer on our community development and education projects.  During this exciting adventure, you’ll make great friends from around the world, help a community in need, practice your Spanish and maybe even learn to surf!

Group activities contribute to the improvement of interpersonal communication skills, while individual sessions focus on the personal improvement of vocabulary and grammar; as well as offer the opportunity to work on each individuals confidence.

Details of  Voluntourism Trips

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