Posted by: D. M. | December 25, 2011

Catalina Island off the coast of the Dominican Republic

Catalina Island is  the Costa’s exclusive island idyll off the East coast of the Dominican Republic and offers an unparalleled beach experience. Add in an excursion to the Dominican Republic and visitors can look forward to a bonanza of culture and relaxation.

 Situated on the coast, not far from Catalina Island, is the tourist resort of Casa de Campo, designed by celebrated architect Oscar della Renta. The resort features top hotels and highly regarded golf courses. Altos de Chavon is found here, modelled on a 15th Century Mediterranean-style village. The work of Italian Roberto Coppa, the village features houses in golden-coloured stone and a river running through jungle landscape. The village was a location for several scenes in the Francis-Ford Coppola film “Apocalypse Now”. Altos is also the home of an artists’ colony and a selection of exhibitions can usually be found. Other attractions include an amphitheatre and archaeological museum which houses over 2,000 finds from the native Taino indians..

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