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Dominican Republic 3erd Avocado Producer and Importer in the World !

Did you know that the Dominican Republic is the third  producer  and importer of Avocado in the Worldo  . Known also in Latin America as  (Aguacate or Palta)? Yes!!!

The avocado is a fruit (that’s a right a fruit, not a vegetable) with much mystery and allure attached to it. Its high fat content deter some from eating it, but there are phenomenal health benefits to eating avocados in moderation. Just last week I was employing my how-to-pick-a perfect-avocado skills in the supermarket when a strange (both unknown and peculiar) man asked me to help him pick out a ripe avocado.

So lets start with that mystery. A ripe avocado’s flesh will yield slightly to the touch (semi-firm, yet flexible) and the stem should come out without to much provocation. Should you, however, choose an under-ripe avocado, a sure-fire way to ripen it is to seal the avocado in a brown paper bag, and keep in a warm but not hot place. If the avocado has already been cut open, coat the surfaces with margarine and store the same way.

Mystery #2: how to keep your avocado (once peeled, cut or even added to a recipe) from browning: throw the pit in with the avocado and it will maintain its brilliant green colour! Who knew?

And the most exciting mystery of all is the avocado’s association with the erotic. Over many centuries the avocado has maintained its reputation as an aphrodisiac. Legend has it that the Aztec word for the avocado tree is Ahuacuatl : roughly translated: testicle tree. No doubt, the name arose because of the way the fruit of the tree hung in pairs reminding those ancient people of human male anatomy. Further to this though, apparently the young Aztec women were confined indoors while this erotic fruit with aphrodisiac qualities was being harvested!!

On to the G -rated content… the avocado is also known as the alligator pear and it is native to tropical America. The fruit is a greenish, thick-skinned drupe, similar in size and shape to a large pear. When ripe, the flesh has the consistency of firm butter and a faint nutlike flavor.  In North America (Canada) the avocado is becoming more popular  than ever ! Used as a salad vegetable,  eat it with rice, bread, pasta, etc  you name it. In the tropics it is often used in soup and as paste called ‘guacamole’  a Mexican delicacie.

If I were stranded on a desert island and could have only one food, it would be the avocado. The rich, buttery-smooth flesh of an avocado is on a lot of people’s lists as a delicious but fattening treat. It’s true that avocados have a high oil content, but they are also packed with vitamins A, C, and E–primary vitamins in the antioxidant group that protect the cells in human tissue. A high protein content makes avocados a good meat substitute, and unlike animal fat, the fat is not saturated. The big surprise in avocados is how high they are in dietary fiber–they have one of the highest fiber contents of any fruit or vegetable.

Our Dominican Republic Avocado producer and importer  partner company represents approximately 60% of Dominican Republic avocado production with the main focus to export fresh avocados to international markets.

We develop successful business relationships through mutual trust and respect.
Avocados grow abundantly in warm climates, Dominican Republic’s soil is more than perfect!! . Spaniards discovered them when Cortez arrived on these shores in the sixteenth century, but avocados had been eaten for centuries by aboriginals of the American continent. Excavators have unearthed avocado pits in Peru that date to before AD 900.

For instance most people knows that Mexican and US’s southwestern cuisines include a lot of avocados, but the fruit–especially the “Haas” variety, that we mostly see in Canadian supermarkets –has become extremely popular in the Far East too.

Avocado consumption in North America and Europe has increased significantly over the last ten years. The increase has been more remarkable in USA, Canada or even France and Germany where per capita consumption went from 400 to 1500 grams. In spite of that, avocado is still considered an exotic product in most 1erst world countries, where consumption is less than 250 grams per capita. This means that there is an important market potential for avocado in those countries. This market potential becomes even greater if we consider that the demand for organic avocado has yet to be satisfied.

In the DR, we are helping  farmers develop their organic business and find new markets for their products, thereby achieving market driven development and encouraging economic entrepreneurship.

Dominican Republic avocados that are imported are, in my opinion, better and bigger than the Mexican ‘hass” varieties grown in Florida.

Interest in the Avocado business or suppliers ? Contact us or join in one of our   business insight trips


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