Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | December 2, 2011

DR-Subject-focused Education Tours

Dominican Republic ‘s rich history includes aboriginals  from the Caribbean, political,  historical , religious , business and cultural landmarks familiar to many around the world. Travelers who wish to learn more about the country, past and present, may wish to embark on a guided tour that offers an educational perspective.  We can arrange for experts that provide educational trips to Dominican Republic  feature. Designated tour guides and experts in different subject matters to instruct participants along the way. Such tours typically include lodging and most meals, as well as admission fees and even gratuities 

Subject-Focused Tour Programs
We offer  a wide DR range of  language programs in the most populated city for educational tours (Santo Domingo).  Spanish  language focus with hands-on cultural programming, or a trip that leans more towards history or social studies, HP can develop a custom tour program for you. Ask about our humanitarian and linguistic tour packages!
Customized Learning Itineraries
We customize each of our tour itineraries based on the needs and interests of the group. We believe that travel should be both educational AND fun. We’ll help you build an itinerary that will delight the students and connect the classroom lessons they’ve learned with the bigger world they’re exploring.

 We don’t run “touristy” tours with minimal cultural Spanish-Caribbean  immersion. Instead, learners  fall in love with our island as we show them the real Dominican Republic from within (no Hard Rock Cafe, please!). Plus, they step out of their comfort zone to meet some “Quisqueyanos” “en español.”   Contact us for  your trip!


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