Posted by: D. M. | November 1, 2011

Jewish Tours in Dominican Republic

Jewish Dominican Republic 

Jews and  the Dominican Republic  have been mixing for hundreds of years and today with a population said to be around 15,000 askenazies and sephardics along with Cuba in the Caribbean  it is  home to a vibrant Jewish community.

The bulk of its present day community came over the last 100 years fleeing from Turkey, Lebanon and East Europe in the early 19’s and settling in the country. The vast majority live in the capital, Santo Domingo or Sosua City.

With tow main synagogues and facilities available for Jews, it’s not only a home to them but also a place for tourists. And of course, the perfect place to truly experience kosher  Dominican  food that is authentic.

Over at Israel trips, a local shop in operation  with headquaters in  Canada, visitors can get a glimpse of Jewish life in Dominican Republic  from the past to the present day.

The site below offers a guide to the history of Jewish life in the country as well as a way for tourists to get in touch with the site owner to arrange personalised walking tours.

On offer is both tours for individuals as well as groups.

For more information visit:  Contact Us

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