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Dominican Republic’s Guided Amber Buying Trip

DR’s Guided Amber Buying Trip

Amber, a fossil resin, is one of the few substances aside from diamond, jet, pearl and ivory that is considered a gem but is not a mineral.  Nowhere in the world can it be found with the VARIETY OF COLORS same density as in the Dominican Republic.  Actually, a large percentage of the  amber  used in commercial jewelry production comes from the Dominican Republic.  There are many large Silver and Amber producers in the Cibao region (Santiago). At the same time, there are many smaller producers of beautiful modern designs all around Puerto Plata. Some are in Santiago, some are around Sabaneta , and some are in Southern Bayaguana.

Our  network of professional amber buyers know who is reliable and they know the producers that make special work that sells so well. Some of the producers do not even advertise. They have grown by word of mouth because of the quality of their jewelry and their personal reliability.
Many of these excellent producers work in places that are essentially hidden to the occasional traveler. And many of them don’t speak English. So it is difficult to do business with them remotely. One must first know where to find them and then one also must know how to speak Polish.

Beyond that, if you go into any factory alone, as an unknown entity, you may not be sure of getting the best price.

Our buyers have relationships with reliable producers.  They can save you time, save you money and when you visit with one of our buyers, you have someone there that the companies know and respect. You get much better service than the hundreds of “walk ins” that visit the Puerto Plata region shops or mining sites  every month.

Museo Mundo de Ambar    has an impressive collection of amber samples from around the world, and excellent exhibits explaining in Spanish and English its prehistoric origins, its use throughout the ages, Dominican mining processes, and its present-day value to the science and art worlds. The collection includes fine amber jewelry and various samples containing a wide array of critters and bugs. The 1st-floor shop sells jewelry made from amber, larimar and more ordinary stones.

 Larimar is the native stone of the Dominican Republic.  It is a pectolite and found only in the DR.  There is some copying of larimar being done, but most of what is sold is authentic.  The most common larimar is a light blue with white marbling throughout.  If the stone is too deep a blue, unmarbled or polished into a cat’s eye effect, it is likely not the real thing.  You can read up on larimar at  It is easy to test larimar by using the burn test, and many vendors will provide you with the lighter to do so.  Be cautious to keep the flame away from the string that a piece is strung on or the surrounding setting.  The fire may not be as well-suited for that material.  

Larimar is best set off in silver, and/but you will see it set in sterling silver, stainless steel and gold.  As a rule, the stainless steel will look very tooled compared to a rougher sterling silver but marking isn’t required on all pieces sold in the DR so just because you don’t find a “925” or “ster” mark doesn’t mean that it isn’t.  Also, if the mark is on the clasp and not on the necklace or bracelet itself, it may be that just the finding is silver and not the rest of the piece.

Puerto Plata
When you take a personal amber and silver jewelry buying tour, you will go places and see things that you would not likely see on your own.

Travel arrangements to DR can be made for you or you can make them yourself. A recommended online booking service is xxxxx

Visit Suppliers In Santiago or Puerto Plata

This is for you if you wish to buy more than the factory minimums – one kilogram of product from any one factory.

You will be met in Santiago or Puerto Plata

If you are met in  Santiago, arrangements to travel by train to Puerto Plata will be made by an assistant. You will be picked up at your hotel and your assistant will accompany you to  Puerto Plata.

Depending on the length of your stay in Puerto Plata, hotel arrangements will be made for you as necessary to suit your goals.

You will be taken by cab from your hotel to factories that supply the type products that you wish to see. Typically it is possible to see about three factories per day.

For more information or to arrange a tour or to have an expert buy for you, contact us by using this link.

Alternatively you may use the  DR’s  Amber Museum  Buying Service.



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