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Dominican Republic’s Shopping Tour – Where to shop for what you want…

Shopping Tour – where to shop for what you want…

 Jewellery, Watches & Crafts

The range of jewellery, watches and Crafts in the Dominican Republic will stagger you … from international big names to local jewellery boutiques.  Dominican Republic  has also a large jewellery manufacturing industry. Many have recently modernized their look, design and presentation to appear today’s market. You’ll be amazed by their quality, design and appeal… matching many international big names.

Even in today’s modern  Dominican Republic  with  hight towers, multi storey shopping malls and a high-tech ferris wheel – the DR Flyer, crowded and haphazard bazaars along narrow streets still exist. While at residential neighbourhood, temporary ‘night markets’ still sprout up occasionally, several permanent bazaars catering to tourists and locals are alive and abound with excitement and entertainment.

 Fashion &  Cotton Clothess And Batik cloths

 Fashion: Dominican Republic is Oscar de la Renta’s birth country, this prominent and high end  fashion designer is just one of  the many DR is very proud of.  There are other original ones for exquisite line of clothing designs.  Just because the island of Hispanola is small does not mean that we are small on talent. Viva República Dominicana!   Sully Bonnelly  |  Oscar de la Renta  |  Lourdes Libman  |  Leonel Lirio  (includes pictures of designs)  |  Jorge Diep (includes picture)
Cotton & Batik

Refers to fabric that has gone through the process of dyeing using dye-resistant substance, traditionally wax or paraffin, which prevents color absorption thus creating patterns on fabric. This technique is thousands of years old and can be traced to early civilisations in Africa and Middle East. However,  in  Cuba, Dominican and Puerto Rico that this art form was not perfected and popularised. The art of Batik has since spread to the rest of the caribbean and Central America. Both are now becoming centers of Batik production. Batik is an artistic expression, reflecting the cultures of  native indigenas. 

Fashion & Accessories (Other designers and locations )
Leather Goods
Sports Goods
Cotton & Batik
Textile & Laces
Wicker Baskets & Mats
Computer &Accessories
Natural Medicine
Rural Shopping


Dominican Republic Buying Trip


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