Posted by: D. M. | August 5, 2011

Bayahibe and other East Tourist Dominican Republic destinations

Bayahibe is a town in the Dominican Republic, located about 10 miles east of La Romana on the shore of the Caribbean Sea. Founded as a fishing village in 1874 by Juan Brito and his family, who came from Puerto Rico, the town is now a touristic destination as the Dominican Republic is known for its all-inclusive resorts.

Bayahibe is an indigenous word. Its meaning is not known for sure, but there are many names that include the tainos word Baya. “Baya” is the name given to it to a bivalve mollusk, like clams that are glued to the rocks or roots of mangrove trees. “Jib”, or “Hib” (is the same word) is the name that gave the Indians a sort of sieve manufactured from sticks used to sift cassava flour.

Bayahibe is close to the third largest Dominican Repubic city: La Romana. Once a small fishing village that now caters to sun worshipers, divers and adventure seekers.

The waters around Bayahibe are some of the bluest, clearest waters you have ever seen and the snorkelling is incredible. There is starfish on the sand if you swim a few metres out, and there is a man-made coral reef not far from the shore so it is definitely worth taking your underwater camera and having a snorkel.

Bayahibe is also a convenient location to take a catamaran to Saona Island.  Come   and see how paradise feel !

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