Posted by: D. M. | August 3, 2011

Direct flights from Canada to El Catey in Samana

Try Samana. direct flights from Canada to El Catey in Samana. One of the most beautiful regions in the Dominican Republic. Those traveling to the province of Samana should plan on spending their entire vacation in Samana. This is because Samana is a multi-area tourism destination in itself.

The Samaná Peninsula is located at the extreme northeast of the Dominican Republic. Unique, different and beautiful, it is geologically the oldest part of Hispaniola and was, until quite recently, an island in its own right. Cristopher Colombus named part of Samana Bay the “Gulf of the Arrows”, because his ships were received by the early original Amerindian inhabitants with a “rain of arrows” which forced them to sail away with care.

Direct flights
There is a small airport in El Portillo, this airport is used for private flights operators and some charter service into the Dominican Republic.

The Samana International Airport at El Catey opened in November 2006 offering direct flights from Germany with LTU and Condor (Dusseldorf and Frankfurt), and several cities in Canada (Air Transat, Skyservice). The IATA code for the airport is AZS. All passenger flights are located in one terminal.

Airport Samana of Portillo and El Catey  both offers flights within Dominican Republic, international flights and long-haul flights. Airlines Air Transat, Thomsonfly and WestJet offer flights to AZS.

This airport puts tourists within at most an hour from most Samana peninsula destinations.

Canada-Samana, savvy Canadian travelers   know better!

Center for the Conservation and Eco-Development
of Samaná Bay and its Surroundings


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