Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | July 15, 2011

Kaskada Water Park

Kaskada Water Park .  is a water park that is a couple miles from the monument in Santiago, Dominican Republic. It is an easy drive as you head straight down the Autopista towards the capital. There are slides, a couple pools, places to eat, stages for public performances, and pool tables to name a few of the attractions.

Kaskada Water Park is located on either Av. Circunvalacion or Av. Hispanoamericana (depending on which map you are looking at) just short of Autopista Duarte. This park is opened year round. You pay an entrance fee for the day. Once inside you can rent a locker for your valuables and also rent an inner tube if you would like.
There are 3 pools, the first one is geared to the younger members of the family and is more of a wading pool. It has slides and a small castle with stairs and tunnels for them to climb over. The second pool is larger. It has a roped off area to help keep the young ones in the shallow end. The third pool is attached to the pool bar. There are a couple water slides that sit next to each other. There is a long river style ride (slow moving water) that you can ride around; an inner tube is required for that ride.
Other attractions include a restaurant, café, pizzeria, pool tables, and 2 performance areas. The day we were there, they had a clown act for the kids and later that afternoon they had a local singer performing.

Travel to DR!, Kaskada Water Park . Images here


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