Posted by: D. M. | June 15, 2011

Dominican Republic’s Shopping & Exporting Tours

The Dominican Republic  has become the key source to import goods and also a good destination for export. Despite attention about USA companies exporting jobs to DR along with the North America-USA trade deficit, for instance USA companies’ exports of goods & services to DR is thriving. Within the last 10 years, USA exports to DR have quadrupled to approximately $5 billion – that is 2 times faster than exports to the rest of the world.

The increase in export from USA or Europe to DR isn’t only reamined within the hand of big firms. Small and mid-size companies are flourishing by exporting to DR. Presently there are around 1,000 small and medium sized  north america firms exporting to DR.

The primary segment of export to DR is of Agri-Business, Construction, Energy, Telecommunications, Security, Infrastructure. Dominican Republic, being part of the Caribbean  and Central America is  USA’s third-most export country. The first two are Canada and Mexico.

DR government continously inspire USA to export more of their services and products inside their country. In 2006, DR’s President Leonel Fdez arranged for 50 DR professionals to visit the USA on the trading tour. Some  of  USA states have their particular export trade offices which facilitates trade with DR.

DRa have been by far the destination for overseas investment. USA business investment alone is more than $3 billion annually, which ranks as DR’s third biggest investor. Both Dominicane government and  Dominican companies are desperate to facilitate more successful trade with North America (Canada) and Europe.

Significant upgrades in bottom line profitability as well as return are both realistic possibilities. Setting up a Dominican manufacturing presence is perhaps the most crucial reason to be close to customers who are situated in DR.

Before DR became member of CAFTA, DR prevented USA companies from coming into their market. Now, DR allows USA and others organizations to guide both locally manufactured and imported products within DR. There are many agent in Santo Domingo, Santiago, the central province of DR by which import-export deal can be executed.

If you prefer to import items from DR but are unaware on how to import, then there are yiwu agent situated at Santiago o Sto Dgo province who may help you.

There are several agents in Santiago and Santo Domingo marketplace who can also work with you at a lower price but with better assistance. Contact us


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