Posted by: D. M. | June 7, 2011

Spanish Educational Tours to Dominican Republic

Join our Spanish Educational Tours to Dominican Republic!  You’ll get these benefits:

Cultural Immersion – We eat where locals eat, swim where locals swim, and even stay where locals stay.

Insider’s Perspective of  Dominican Republic – Dominican Republic is our one and only destination. We know the island better than any other company in the business. Our adventure and science-oriented tours are unbeatable.
Making Spanish Real! – Speaking Spanish gives students access to all sorts of new experiences and people. This is power, and once students understand that language is power, they become committed Spanish speakers!
Our commitment to Safety – No one matches our honest and thorough care for our travelers. Find out more about our safety expectations, insurance and memberships.
Service Learning & Sustainability – We are committed to giving back to the community while at the same time involving our travelers in meaningful cultural and Spanish immersion service projects.
Specially Designed Tours for Beginning Spanish Students – We know (and love) beginning Spanish students. Our many years of experience teaching them have helped us create trip itineraries that keep them engaged (and happily exhausted by the end of the day!).
Savvy Travelers’ Workshop – We believe smart educational travel changes lives. Our passion is to create fearless Spanish speakers and savvy world travelers for life.

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