Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | May 15, 2011

Santo Domingo: Finding the Perfect Souvenir

Hunting for Souvenirs During Your Dominican Republic Trip

When you are on a travel getaway or jet setting across new and unfamiliar places, you might want to take a memento of the place with you. If you have made particularly unforgettable memories, a tangible remembrance of that experience would serve to remind you of, and make you relive, those precious moments Sometimes, though, taking a photograph or keeping a journal will not be enough. Having something that truly belongs to the place will be a priceless possession, rendered more valuable for its sentimental value. That is why souvenir-hunting is always an important part of any vacation or travelling trip. But keep in mind that the search for the perfect souvenir will be a meticulous one: you only want to bring back the best of the best to display on your mantle piece or to show to your friends.

Dominican  Souvenirs

If you find yourself travelling across the beautiful Taino Caves   in  the Dominican Republic, you may not find too many souvenir shopping options within that area itself. The nearest collection of shops can be accessed in the nearby town of  San Pedro, or la Romana which is more popular. In La Romana,  you will find many Dominican treasures and native handicrafts and artefacts, including artistically designed faceless dolls, carved coconuts, wall hangings and a distinct selection of folk arts. Exquisitely-woven rugs, cotton blouses,  and hand-painted shirts are also available for the tourist who likes ethnic fashions. Fruit and chocolate lovers will not be left out, too, for Dominican desserts   are a must-try, and comes in abundant supply at some of these remarkable souvenir shops. This site is dedicated to the Dominican Republic and its ancient wonders. If you seek more information on shopping  trips  and related topics, you will find the links below useful to your search.


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