Posted by: D. M. | March 28, 2011

Trading With the Dominican Republic

Trading With the Dominican Republic

Within the context of globalization DR  has started to implement an outward oriented development strategy and export led growth since 1970’s.

   Goods Reasons for Trading With the Dominican Republic 

Outward oriented dynamic economy and free trade in both exports and imports. Geographical advantage of being neighbor to the  rest of the Caribbean, Central and  South American countries not to mention how close DR is to  North America  two hours flight from Miami and three to four ( US & Canada).
More than 10,000 companies export to the Dominican Republic, including 8,oo small and medium sized businesses. Today, these companies export at a huge disadvantage, over a million dollars in needless tariffs that make our products less competitive.

The DR-CAFTA Trade Promotion Agreement removes these tariffs, opening new markets to Canadian workers and boosting our economy when we need it the most.

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 Industry in the Dominican Republic 

The factors which give competitive strength to the Dominican  manufacturing industry are the abundance of natural resources, its geographical proximity to the export markets, developments in infrastructure and telecommunication systems, the existence of a large domestic market and the liberal economic policies in force.
  Free Zone in  the Dominican Republic 

The reform of the Dominican Republic’s  Economy and an overall change in economic philosophy were realized at the beginning of 1980 through the comprehensive economic stabilization and structural adjustment program based on free market principles, tourism and the introduction of outward-oriented economic policies.

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