Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | January 17, 2011

The Whales Observation Center on Land, in Punta Balandra, Samaná: Dominican Republic.

The Whales Observation Center on Land, in Punta Balandra, Samaná (northwest) of the Dominican Republic.

The facility will serve as the landsite to observe the marine mammals which come to Samana bay to mate and calve every year.

The CEBSE is the Center for the Conservation and Eco-development of the Samaná Bay and its Environment, with headquarters in Santa Barbara de Samaná. Established at the end of the eighties with the objective to achieve the recognition of the zone as Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO.

The activity of observation occurs in a region of the System of Protected Area of the country that is indicated by law as Sanctuary of Marine Mammals. The Association of Ship Owners of the Samaná Bay has a voice and vote in all the decisions concerning the observation season, from the appraisal and delivery of the permits, to the proposals and changes in the regulations. The permits for the observation are limited and are only granted to those who meet all the predetermined characteristics and above all to those who know and respect the established rules for the activity.

Activities that can be done:

 Study Marine Fauna and Flora

 Discover prehistory in a center of interpretation

 Zodiac Whales Observation

 Boat Whales Observation or whales watching trips

 Sea Kayak Excursion

We would like to end with a message to the visitors: enjoy nature, but remember that the natural equilibrium is fragile and needs care. Please don’t do here what you wouldn’t do in your country.

Read more here!

Inaguration of the Center


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