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Dominican Republic: Give the gift of Micro-Enterprising

Please join , sponsor and even  take a trip !

HP promotes a Community Village Tourism Programme called ” DR Eco, Missions & Culture Village Tourism  that aims at increasing income for local people in the rural  and urban areas of the Dominican Republic, hence at the same time promotes environmentally and social friendly tourism activities.

The project hopes to encourage the quality of  influx of high class tourists from all over the world to Dominican Republic, raising business partnerships and trade earnings for both (Canada/Caribbean & LA). The aim is not to raise the number of the tourists only which can be counterproductive in the long run (overflowing the island and hence discouraging high class tourists), but to increase quality tourism.

The project also raise income for BHD, since a certain percentage of the income will go directly to support the BHD’s programme activities and daily running costs.


1.  SEWING MACHINE PROJECT ( Santo Domingo,  DN– La Senda Org.)-

We are proposing the expansion of sewing machine training project where women specially single mothers will receive training in dressmaking in order to acquire the necessary skills to integrate the textile industry. Training will include: use of both manual and industrial sewing machines, as well as dressmaking. Workrooms are already established in Santo Domingo, the Capital (DR).
A total of 200 women will be trained in a period of one year. 150 women will be trained in six month and another 150 in six month too. There will be three groups of 50 women per day from Monday to Friday. Each group will receive 3 hours of classes per day for a training course of six month. At the end of the year 300 women will graduate. Every woman will be assigned her own sewing machine for the duration of the class.

HP needs support to buy 42 sewing machines more of which 25 will be electric and 17 manual to be added to the 8 sewing machine we already have and this will make a total of 50 sewing machines. We also need salaries for three (3) teachers for one year.
Salaries for 3 sewing teachers for one year ($1800 per teacher per year) $5,400 
42 Sewing machines ($150 for Electric*25+$100 for Manual*17) $ 5,450
Administrative Cost ($50 each month*12) $ 600

You can help with a Monetary Fund of only: $150  or fund  sewing machine shipments: $75 . Contact Us here


2. Computer Lab For Dominican Republic Santo Domingo, DR

HP has a special relationship with La Senda, a DR-based nonprofit organization that provides a unique entrepreneurial education to women, orphans and vulnerable youth that are the future of their community and country.

Students in DR are benefiting from greater access to technology and the Internet if they receive more computers sent by you.

What the school needs now are funds and Computer shipments. Monetary funds to partition the computer lab from the library and to air condition it so the equipment won’t overheat on the hot Caribbean days. Can you help? at minimun gift of $15 will really help to continue the new lab.

You can help with a Monetary Fund only: $25  or Fund Computer shipments: $15. Contact Us here


3 ARTISANS & HANDICRAFTS. (Eco, village & Culture), Santiago
We have three women groups in the DR; HP Eco, Missions & Culture assists them in marketing their handcraft products,  we would like to build a shop or small plaza in DR where these women take their products and sell to the tourists who pass by.

You can help with a Monetary Fund  of only: $25. Contact Us here

4.  Paula’s:Women Producers Group (Fruits, Flowers, tree planting groups and handicrafts Groups).  All these groups have potential in the area of production and marketability of the produce. Fruits are sold in Santiago and other rural of this central region, tree such as plants still sell very well but agro forest and other trees varieties are to be introduced. The handcrafts have a market in the fast growing tourism sector and the market demands has changed and now is the demands for locally produced higher quality products.

You can help with a Monetary Fund only: $25. Contact Us here


Give the gift of Micro-Enterprising !!! – Often, poor families are trapped in poverty because they have no viable means of earning income. What better way to help improve lives than to give a village the means to sustain itself economically? Your gift for a self-sustaining project will have a profound and lasting effect in the lives of those you help.

Join , sponsor and better?  take a trip !

Contact Us here



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