Posted by: D. M. | December 8, 2010

Dominican Republic Business Tours

Dominican Republic a Business Tour Preview

Now there is a fantastic opportunity to visit Dominican Republic  and explore potential business opportunities for your future ventures. This Domincan Republic Business Tour covers the fastest growing and developing industrial areas in DR. The local governments and our partner company are covering every aspect of this tour from beginning to end. We have achieved this, through our in-depth alliance partnerships and the efficiency of the ASM project management team.

The goal of this DRs Business Tour is not only just enabling our clients to make valuable contacts with particular companies, but most importantly, to explore the wide range of opportunities that Dominican Republic  is offering to foreign investors. ThisDR  Business Tour is a high profile event which will give access to make valuable strategic alliances instead of an ordinary business tour. The group participating in this tour will be welcomed by key officials of the district governments and be invited by the high ranking government officials.

Benefits of Dominican Republic Business Tour

Business opportunities
Through our alliance with the district governments of these fast developing areas, you will find many profitable business investment opportunities. During our tour, you will be able to explore larger segments of these vast markets in a time and cost effective manner. The tour will be even more productive if it results in an investment project for you.

Establishing personal relationships & contacts
During the DR Business Tour, you will meet valuable high level contacts that can be the beginning of building relationships with key partners to ensure your success in DR. It will allow you to establish relationships with the right people much more quickly than you would be able to establish on your own.

Cultural & environmental touring experience
This can also be considered as a pleasurable business tour in DR which enables you to visit this beautiful country with a truly special organization, ASM. and our local hosts, the District Governments of DR. We believe it is going to be an impressive experience for you both personally and professionally.

Professional consulting service
These Dominican Republic Business Tours will be inspiring and will generate many business ideas for you.  Our partner, ASM, will help you implementing your ideas and projects by providing further professional support in the required areas of your interest, through our extensive alliances and know-how.

To find out more about our tours, contact us or call 647.448.2052


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