Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | October 20, 2010

Waterfalls discovered in Dominican Republic forest may boost tourism

Waterfalls discovered in Dominican Republic forest may boost tourism

HATO MAYOR, Dominican Republic.- The Environment Ministry announced the discovery of a waterfalls in a tropical rainforest near the town El Valle on Sunday, which will form part of the northeastern province Hato Mayor’s tourist attractions.

The 20 meter high Zumbador (hummingbird) waterfall is located in a tract of nearly 20 hectares with lush trees owned by Martha Frias, in the Los Haitises National Park’s dampening zone, west of the rural municipality.

Environment Ministry provincial manager Miguel Laureano said the fall’s discovery is important for Hato Mayor’s ecotourism development. “It’s a natural patrimony that will serve to boost the tourism potential of Hato Mayor and the East region, because it’s a natural aggregate which will result in invaluable benefits to the province.”

He said Zumbador – a paradise hidden by lush vegetation of ferns, royal palms, endemic mahoganies and other varieties- is the province’s highest waterfalls and urged the villagers to preserve it as a legacy of nature which will benefit its inhabitants.

The official said its three falls form a symmetric, interlaced cascade of water that creates a large pool for swimmers.

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