Posted by: D. M. | October 12, 2010

The School

Why Santo Domingo?

Sunny Santo Domingo is a city that combines tradition with modernity, welcoming the visitor with glorious beaches, a fascinating historical centre and a spanish arquitecture with impressive views over the dominican bay. Santo Domingo also offers an important airport with daily scheduled flights from numerous international airports: paradise is just 4 hours away from Canada!

School description

The School is located right in the residential city centre of Santo Domingo, by the Cathedral Park, the old city and the landscaped walkway leading up to the Alcazar and shopping area. Couple of  Museums are situated next door houses interesting exhibitions throughout the year.

The building is surrounded by gardens and it boasts magnificent premises which are very quiet and full of light. Besides the luminous classrooms, we have a big reception area and a hall. There are computers with internet and Wi-Fi connection for students who bring their own laptop. Our friendly staff will make you feel at home and our associate school director has over 25 years experience, we guarantee that you will be in best hands!



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