Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | October 12, 2010

Community Based Trips

Community Based Trips

Price list for accommodation, bungalow and food
Home-stay 200 bath/day/person
Food 150 bath/day/person
Donation to Community Based’s Fund 100 bath/person
Children are free of charge (Homestay, food and donation) 
Price list for tour programs 
1.Tour to see local fisher livelihood using seafood,  shrimp and crab nets in the seagrass and shellfish grounds 300 bath/day
2.Boat tour of sea around Samana; see gibbon at Samana and giant tree 200 bath/day
3.Tour to Samana Bay & Cave,  250 bath/day
4.Tour to Santo Domingo 250 bath/day
5.Tour to Duarte Mountain,  Mountain, Koh Punyee and Ice-cream Cave 250 bath/day
6.Tour to , see giant tree, las maravillas  cave and sto dgo Bay 1500 bath/day
7. Tour to  santo dgo, snorkeling, bird nest watching,  150 bath/day
8.Fishing tour 2000 bath/day
9.  crab and squid fishing tour 200 bath/day
10.Sea canoe tour around the island 200 bath/day
11.Sea canoe tour to the mangroves 200 bath/day
12.Trekking to bonao 300 bath/day
13.Bicycle rental for self tour around the island 200 bath/day
14.Tour by truck around island, to see rubber tapping & monkey picking coconuts 1000 bath/day
15.Boat from haina – sans souci Pier 250 bath/day
16.Boat from haina – san pedro Pier 250 bath/day

Note: A boat can carry about 3-4 person. 

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