Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | October 8, 2010

Financial Security & Insurance

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 As the  travel division, La Hispaniola Pathways Culture & Trips SLL fully complies with all Canadian legal requirements with respect to the organisation of educational and cultural trips.

In order to protect our clients’ money, La Hispaniola Pathways Culture & Trips SLL is bonded by Sun Financial* and holds financial protection insurance, which is equivalent to ACTA. You can book your tour with us knowing that if La Hispaniola Pathways Culture & Trips SLL goes bust you will get all your money back.

La Hispaniola Pathways also holds combined public liability insurance with SF. A copy is available upon request.

We hold comprehensive travel insurance for all our groups while they are in Dominican Republic. We do this in order to ensure that you are fully covered for any incidents while you are on activities organised by La Hispaniola Pathways, even if you hold your own travel insurance from Canada or DR. All party members are covered from the time we receive first deposits and you confirm your booking. Full details of the insurance cover are supplied as required.

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