Posted by: D. M. | October 7, 2010

Language study trips and language tours

Why learn Spanish on your next trip to Dominican Republic?

Besides being one of the most passionate and beautiful languages on the planet, there is no greater joy than in participating in Dominican life – in Spanish!

Whether it’s haggling at the local market, reading the latest edition of  “Listin Diario” or listening to Dominican Merengue and Bachata, visitors who study the language fully immersed also report a far deeper understanding of the country’s culture and history.

However, most travelers who take a language study course report a far better reason for learning Spanish – that is, getting closer to everyday life in DR and the opportunity to form warm and lasting freindships with its people.

Practical travel tips

First, you’ll have to choose among a variety of courses which are available in Santo Domingo, Santiago, Puerto Plata, and lately La Romana,  or any other major tourist hub within  DR.

Classes can be as informal or intensive as you please. For company travelers, there are special courses that concentrate on business etiquette, dining and getting around. For students, there are fully intensive college credit programs.

But for the vast majority of visitors, language schools also offer easy learning experiences for beginners that take into account that bonjourno may be the only word in Spanish familiar to you.

Easier still, many courses also include the complete travel package with airport transfers, accommodations and guided tours. Also look for history seminars, film evenings, cooking classes or nights on the town included with the course. These experiences not only increase your understanding of the culture, but make it far more easier to learn.

Remember, inhibitions can be be quickly overcome by relaxing and just having fun.

As one returning visitor recently admitted, “There’s nothing like a glass of Domincan Rum to loosen the tongue and help you practice Spanish!”


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