Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | September 22, 2010

Spanish & French Language Consultancy

As a  language consultant, I can help you with all your language needs, either by getting involved myself, or by pointing you to someone else. Currently, I specialise in Spanish, French and English.

Some of the things I do are:
– Run  Hineni  Languages Courses which teaches languages worldwide online, via Skype, msn, Twitter and email (see )
  is also a language tuition services taught through Hineni H. Reseach Institute.
– Teach languages face to face in and around Toronto, one to one or in groups .

– Run “les langues autrement” – or “languages another way” – where book club meets language lesson, or you practise conversations through board games (see
– Check translations
– Proofread
– Re-work translations into English (often done by non-native speakers) so that they sound natural
– Run workshops for current and aspiring language tutors, helping them to plan lessons and run their businesses
– Blog about language related matters, including lesson plans to help other tutors
– Run a Spanish & French Language Consultancy, to help companies improve their written communications (see
– Run NegevTours- a tour company with a difference, currently operating in and around Toronto. Tourists can walk and talk around the city with a language tutor/tour guide and use the opportunity to practise their French, or learn some phrases over coffee. The possibilities are endless, and endlessly personalised
– Run creative writing workshops in  Toronto  for French- and English-speaking children, teenagers and adults
For more information on me personally, feel free to get in touch, or see my LinkedInProfile: You can also follow me on Twitter   and become a Fan on Facebook –  feel free to join them so that you know what is going on near you!
I aim to offer a highly flexible, personalised service for busy people and to provide different kinds of language services to serve the various needs of individuals. Contact me here . I am always open to suggestions and new ideas! 

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