Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | September 22, 2010


The village of Cabarete is spread out across the center of a gorgeous, semi-circular beach of golden, sun-soaked, sand. Just behind, limiting its size, lies a tranquil lagoon, backed up by richly verdant hills overflowing with luxurious tropical vegetation. It’ s the perfect blend of the surrounding physical elements of nature such as the location of the offshore reef at the entrance of the bay, the direction from which the trade winds usually blow, and the low-lying hills behind the village, which cause a unique thermal effect, form a beautiful layout.  Cabarete is a world renowned center for Kiteboarding and windsurfing – see our kiteboarding page – due to its excellent all year round wind. 

Cabarete is also an affordable former fishing and surfing village on the Dominican Republic’s north shore that has been overrun with windsurfing fanatics and world competitions since the late 1980s.  With ocean breezes at 10 to 20 knots, but now a few outfitters have turned their gaze inland, sussing out prime real estate for sports like cascading and canyoning. 

Cabarete it’s a perfect tropical vacation spot. With its charming, hip ambience and a combination of relaxed and adventurous lifestyles, most visitors can barely resist the spontaneous temptation of extending their stay and just hang around the place for another while, and even move here permanently.

Carabe counts with The Damajagua Falls, its 40 minutes from Cabarete, you go up and down and through waterfalls by walking, sliding, swimming, and making jumps of up to 25 feet [8 meters] into pools at the base of cascades.
Iguana Mama, Cabarete’s most dependable adventure outfitter, leads canyoning, mountain biking, trekking, and cascading trips ($60;


Horseback Riding
Upscale resort Sea Horse Ranch offers top equestrian instruction and guided trail and endurance rides ($47 for a three-hour trail ride;
Natura Cabañas ($70;, just outside of Cabarete’s fray, has thatch-roof bungalows on a quiet beach.
Fly into Puerto Plata’s international airport and take a taxi to Cabarete ($20). Guaguas, crowded but cheap minivans ($1 to $3 in town), are also prevalent and can take you anywhere on the island. Book your trip or tours with us! You’ ll have a fantastic and great time.


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