Posted by: D. M. | September 2, 2010

The Dinner Experience

– The Dinner Experience

Course Description
The Dinner Experience is our one evening introduction to the diverse Spanish and Latin America  of menus. One hour of introduction to Spanish sounds and spoken Spanish will be followed by a meal that the participants – haltingly, perhaps – will order in Spanish.

By the completion of the evening, every student will have learned enough Spanish to:

◦order beer;
◦ask for the bill;
◦count to 1000; and
◦ask where the washroom is!

More attentive students will also have learned the parts of a Spanish or Latin American Meal menu, the sounds for the most important food items, and how to guess what a sound represents based on its radical. All of that, and a great meal too!

The price includes the class, materials, and the dinner. Coffe or Tea is included with the meal; all other beverages are extra.



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