Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | September 2, 2010

Living, retiring and investing in Dominican Republic

 Why Live in the Dominican Republic?

Dominican Republic’s capital, Santo Domingo City is one of  the world’s least expensive first-world cities. It is also among the most  modern and prosperous cities in Latin America with over one million people. The city’s array of tall skyscrapers are reminiscent of Miami. It boasts incredible shopping where almost any product from the U.S. may be easily found.

Discount of 10-50% on products and services for foreigners.

A world-class banking system with a high-degree of secrecy.

Affordable real estate.

Excellent business opportunities with incentives.

A wealth of activities to stay busy and happy.

Warm climate.

Excellent infrastructure.

Residency perks.

Plus much more. 
Looking to retire or invest in Dominican Republic but not sure where to begin?  We can help with residency, real estate and services associated with living or investing in Panama.  Get a crash course in Dominican Republic Real Estate & Investment Tour.

Looking to mix business with pleasure? Enjoy a vacation in Dominican Republic while you explore real estate.We have full-service travel agency, so can plan your entire vacation to Dominican Republic.

See this sample vacation itinerary that includes real estate exploration.  Our staff can design your custom vacation itinerary that integrates our real estate tours.  We handle everything: lodging, domestic flights, tours and transport.  Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure?!

To simply book a guided real estate tour with us, review the information below and contact us to request for a private tour date.

We will tailor make a real estate tour itinerary to suit your specific needs. 

Click on any one of these tours for more specific info or simply contact us for more info


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