Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | September 2, 2010

Introduction to Spanish, Part II

An introductory course for those with some familiarity with Spanish or Castillian, with emphasis on simple conversation and language patterns.

The course runs weekly for eight weeks from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Because of the value of repetition and reinforcement, members may repeat any of the core courses (HC1 through HC6) once without charge, and as many additional times as are useful at 50% of the current rate. Every student is responsible for setting their own pace, and learning in their own way. Some students might prefer to repeat a level several times, and learn gradually by assimilation. Other students might choose to prepare for each class, and by doing a lot of work outside of class, master the curriculum very quickly.

All classes include extensive additional content, so that students who wish to move ahead more quickly may do so. Recordings, practice software, and flashcards are provided as part of the course material to support the learning process. The additional written material includes both classical and contemporary Spanish.

Each of the first four levels adds approximately 250 words to the student’s reading ability, with a correspondingly greater increase in conversational skills.



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