Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | August 31, 2010


 Advantages of Membership

Any customer becomes a member of  Hispaniola by buying a book  or  using the Download Resources & Products Library  or taking a  course. Membership continues for one year, and will be extended with any subsequent purchases.

At Hispaniola, we don’t see ourselves as just teachers of courses and vendors of books. For us, Hispaniola is a group of people who are excited about learning the Spanish language, aspects of the culture, and are eager – as much as possible – to visit Dominican Republic, and explore the culture directly. As well, we look to the members to provide direction; what areas should be emphasized in the courses, what kinds of books should be made available, and to give us feedback on the materials that we are producing.

The primary benefit of membership is that all members receive periodic readings (roughly once a week). Each reading consists of the Spanish text with Pino(basic), and a dictionary of terms used in the passage. To see a sample of a reading passage, have a look at her.  As well, as long as you are a member, you may retake any core curriculum courses (HC1 through HC6) for reinforcement and consolidation of the material being covered at 50% of the going rate!





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