Posted by: D. M. | August 10, 2010

Cross Cultural Trips and Tourism in Dominican Republic

Cross Cultural Learning Trips and Tourism in Dominican Republic

This activity allows you to interact with local people and communities in a far reaching and more personal way than stoping on travel and souvenior shops.

Cross cultural learning trip: 

The enriching cross-cultural exchange, volunteer and sightseeing  activities experienced during your tour with us will bring positive life  changes to both you and the people and places you visit.  Hineni cross cultural division core business value is the philosophy of “giving back”  to the people and communities of Dominican Republic. We currently work directly  with several rural villages in Dominican Republic, Haiti and Central America to facilitate various  improvement projects. (Construct and equip a kid soup kitchen, rural community health  clinics and educational centers, develop sustainable water utilization  and conservation projects, implement sustainable rural community
 garden projects and facilitate rural solar/alternative power installations).

 These projects are life changing for the rural communities in which they  serve. Our customized itineraries can offer you the opportunity to  volunteer on a variety of projects. 

Part of our mission as an Eco-Experiential and Voluntourism Trip Specialist  is to provide our clients an authentic, life changing tour experience as they discover the unique essence of the people and places of Hispaniola. Our experienced, dependable and knowledgeable staff promise to make your trip a fascinating and enlightening journey. You will feel safe and secure during  your time with us, as we provide you with an extraordinary cultural  experience that will live with you forever.

Dominican Republic  Cultural Learning Trips are run through in Ecofriendly lodges and campsites, Local communities are increasingly becoming aware and involved with Tourism. This allows you to interact with local people and Communities  in a far reaching and more personal way than stoping on travel and souvenior shops. The best of these travel activities combine volunteer work with more conventional Tours activities and provide Accommodation in  Ecolodges and village houses. Hineni  Cross cultural  offers a variety of activity  volunteer-based and cultural packages as well as customised Eco-adventures  around Dominican Republic.

Join  for a Dominican Republic Eco- Adventure you will never regret!

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